Semi-anechoic room


Garvan has available in its facility a semi-anechoic room that is being used as technological lab where acoustic measurements and tests are conducted on our products under the best possible conditions. Thanks to the excellent insulation from the outside and to the high sound absorption coefficient of its internal surfaces, which create free field conditions, the room makes it possible to perform accurate phonometric measurements without any reflections, background noises and vibrations. The room can be configured both for listening to and for performing measurements on our speakers by simply moving panels around. It actually consists of three rooms, one inside the other, each of which has its own floor, ceiling, walls and door. The innermost room, the heart of the whole structure, performs the acoustic correction, the middle room serves as acoustic insulation, while the outermost room is the original architectural structure. The measurements and tests conducted on our speakers in the semi-anechoic room are carried out with state-of-the-art microphones, hardware and software equipment allowing for the most accurate assessments.


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