IBM - Rome


The IBM Software Executive Briefing Center in Rome has undergone a complete renovation designed by Italian Architect Massimo Iosa Ghini and his design firm. The result is an innovative space with a futuristic atmosphere and a strong reference to IBM's original striped logo.
The renovation has been thoughtfully carried out by using the best state-of-the-art audiovisual technologies, and Garvan speakers were chosen both for the extremely high quality of their sound delivery and for their aesthetic value, in other words for their ability to provide comfort and beauty to any room.
Garvan flush mount in-wall speakers, installed by Sangalli Tecnologie Srl from Bergamo, perfectly integrate into the innovative and technological spaces of the IBM headquarters, where they almost disappear into the walls and at the same time provide for a truly absorbing listening experience. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that the loudspeakers are especially designed to perform excellently in very small enclosures.
Once again Garvan proves to be the right choice in terms of combining quality, aesthetics and technology.



Viarossa - Fusignano

Healthy air diffusion and quality sound diffusion in a single solution.
Garvan has created a new loudspeaker, in collaboration with Viarossa, an innovating company manufacturing air diffusion systems, which can be customized according to the environment or the customer's taste.
Garvan in-wall loudspeaker has been realized for the perfect integration with the aesthetic and functional principle of "Tre in uno" by Viarossa, a patent combining the functionalities of air diffusion with the electrical and acoustic components, as well as with an elegant design.







D-Perf Air Garage


Garvan’s “Drop” speakers, made in Faenza ceramics, set the sound inside the exclusive, futuristic creative workshop D-Perf Air Garage, located on the rooftop of the modern wing of the Museo della Città di Rimini (Rimini City Museum), where the famous designer from Romagna, Aldo Drudi, restyled a Honda VFR 1200.



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